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emergency service and towing available call 559-840-0629 or just ride in to 1260 N Sierra Vista Ave. Fresno, CA 93703

We are your local supplier of motorcycle tires and parts. We specialize in mounting and balancing without a scratch on all types on motorcycle tires. We are also a full service repair shop with services like brake jobs to engine overhaul and everything in between. Tires are an essential part of your motorcycle and deserve your attention on a regular basis. Much thought should be put into the purchasing of your motorcycle tires. Selecting the best size and a quality tire are important to the life of the tires and the overall safety of your motorcycle. Choosing top, well-known brands isn't a must, but it is a good idea to ensure safety and long life out of your motorcycle tires. It is important to check with your motorcycle owner's manual to see which size tire, and possibly tire brand, that they recommend for your bike.

Once you have selected the appropriate tires for your motorcycle you must not forget about them until the tire tread is low! You should check your tire inflation on a regular basis as well as visually inspect them for potential problems. Ideally you should do this before each time you ride your motorcycle. Tires that are not inflated properly can result in poor performance and major safety issues for your motorcycle. Take the time to inspect your tires - it may save your life.

Keep your tires in mind when loading your motorcycle. Do not overload your motorcycle and make sure your overall motorcycle weight is within the acceptable standards of your motorcycle and your tires.

Mon - Sun: 07:00 AM - 07:00 PM 

We are open 24/7
559-840-0629 or 559-975-9540 we moved from 2015 n weber ave to 1260 n sierra vista ave by chestnut and olive
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